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OUR MISSION: Inspiring expressed, creative presence by facilitating people's connection to living awareness and meeting the world soul to soul.

Through our educational seminars, program and collaborative partnerships, we invite you to discover, experience and express the fullness of your authentic presence. 

In addition we offer custom-tailored programs for groups, organizations and businesses that seek to be collaborative, creative contributions to local and global communities.

In keeping with our values, you will find that we offer a variety of programs and services to meet individuals' different interests and financial resources.  

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About Tammy LaDrew


At the age of 17 I was struck by lightning. 

While riding my bike home from a summer job, I was struck by a three-pronged fork of lightning.

The blast threw me off my bike and into the air.   I  landed on my feet and ran home leaving a twisted bike in the middle of the road.

That singular experience with lightning transformed my inner and outer life and literally illuminated my path. I became more aware of the field of energy that moves through and surrounds all life. At that time, I had no words for what I had experienced and like many major life events, it took years to integrate and understand the significance of that experience. 

As I  grew older, I developed a deep and passionate love for light of all kinds.  As the daughter of a professional photographer, I studied light the way an artist studies line, form and color.  Yet despite this love, I also experienced a disconnect from the source of light, the source of awareness.

Seeking that source,  I unconsciously, sought solace in food, fantasies and isolation.  Living anywhere -  but here and now – became my path to comfort and security, and my addiction. 

Yet the source of light, and lightning, ran through my veins, and as an adult, I pursued my passion for light by training in visual communications, psychotherapy, indigenous wisdom traditions, energy medicine, meditation, spiritual inquiry and coaching. Through these trainings as well as relationships with nature and other embodied spiritual masters, I soon found out that it’s the quality of light (awareness) that we bring to our relationship to life that informs our experience of life.

So began my long journey back to source, to light. Through these explorations, I discovered that when we are disconnected from our creative source, our Spirit, then life falls flat and we hunger and search for something more. Our discontent often shows up in troubled relationships with ourselves, others, food, work and money, and we become like hungry ghosts, eternally seeking to fill our emptiness with one more addiction. 

Now, as a coach, energy healer and guide, the power, beauty and strength of lightning symbolize how I stand for my clients.   Working in the consciousness movement and development field, I help people of all ages connect with their inner inspiration, reclaim their Spirit and deliver their creative presence into the world.  

Our motto: In service to Love, as Love.