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Living Guidance Sessions

Living guidances sessions are based on a deep, intuitive listening into the heart, longing and energetics of each person's soul in order to help them bring the fullness of their spirit into life. 

For many of us, the full expression of our soul's longing has been stifled. Through the emerging information, I help you listen to, connect with and express your authentic being, while addressing the concerns and issues that may impede the full expression of your spirit.   

We explore how to not only be aware of what may be helping and/or impeding the flow of your life, but also how to align yourself, take action and remain accountable to your deepest desires.

Based on an integrative coaching model, living guidance sessions for personal and professional development are available in three different formats: 

  • In person

  • Remote - Phone or Zoom

  • As an adjunct to long-term programs.

For more information please call Tammy at 540.333.2330 or email her at  If you need an appointment outside of the available schedule please contact Tammy.