Heart Currency:

Renewing Your Relationship with Money & Finances

Part I:  The Nature of Creativity & Wealth


Money doesn't grow on trees...or does it?

All of life is about relationship - including our relationship with money - so why not turn to nature and trees as our teachers of abundance? 

Even if your trees have been cut down down, there's new life waiting to grow from the stumps and ashes of experience.

As someone who has lived and understands what it's like to be afraid of money - afraid of not having enough, afraid of mismanaging it, afraid, afraid, afraid - I've lived it and learned that my relationship with money and abundance is a daily practice that when given time, commitment and love transforms life.

 If you're ready to change and improve your relationship with money and to nurture a new "money tree," join us for the Heart of Currency - a six month course in improving your relationship with money.


  • Class details will be posted soon...