© George F. Mobley 2017

© George F. Mobley 2017

Intuitive Readings

What is an intuitive reading?

An intuitive reading is a session where I use empathic, intuitive, energetic resonance and clairvoyant skills to access information and share with you what is important for you to be aware of at this time in your life.   I receive and communicate this information from the unfolding symbology that presents itself through visual, kinesthetic and auditory sensing as well as several other ways of perceiving.

These unique readings start with a general impression of your total energetic system and current life situation and midway through, you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have regarding the reading or a life situation.

Focused on bringing forth the wisdom of your heart, intuitive readings work with accessing and opening information from your subconscious, while regulating the conscious mind and attuning to the resonance of your soul.


While an intuitive reading can provide you with a depth of information that may help you navigate your life, an intuitive reading is not a substitute for medical services, appropriate use of a financial advisor, a therapist or other professionals.

Additionally, an intuitive reading is not “woo-woo magic” or “fortune-telling.”  At FeatherStone Institute, LLC we believe that all human beings have an innate intuitive capacity that they can develop and hone over time.  It is not a special skill set or talent that is bestowed upon a few individuals.  How well that intuitive capacity is developed varies from individual to individual.  It is a something that can be cultivated with training, commitment and discipline.


FeatherStone Institute, LLC is committed to creating safe and confidential spaces for the unfolding growth and development of our clients.  If you have any concerns please contact Tammy at 540-333-2330.


Sometimes, a client may be seeking more in-depth information and ways of moving their life forward.  Through our integrative soul coaching and programs, we teach people how to engage and apply the power of awareness, intuition, resonance, and leadership in everyday life as a path to creating a more inspired, loving and prosperous life.

If this is what you are seeking, please see our Integrative Soul Coaching page.