An Introduction to Spoon Bending and the Energetic Elements of Change


A unique workshop designed to help you experience      the heart of Spirit in matter.

In this highly experiential workshop, participants learn to harness the heart of intuitive wisdom through direct knowing, the experience of spoon bending and awareness exercises.

“The heart of intuitive wisdom teaches us to live soul to soul rather than role to role. This invitation is engraved in our hearts; all we have to do is listen.” ~ T. LaDrew

Participants will learn how to:

  • Connect to the energetic “point of change”
  • Deepen their natural intuitive wisdom
  • Extend and hold an  invitational intention without striving for an outcome
  • Source their actions from the seat of deep awareness
  • Release perceived limitations
  • Exercise energetic perception through spoon bending exercises

Workshops are scheduled as requested. Please contact Tammy LaDrew for more information at tammyladrew@gmailcom.