Soul Psychology: Accessing Your Energy Anatomy for Healing
to Mar 11

Soul Psychology: Accessing Your Energy Anatomy for Healing

Accessing Your Energy Anatomy for Healing

This two-day program introduces participants to the key components of Energy Anatomy and the Psychology of the Soul.

Participants will learn:

  1. To identify and work with the basic energy systems—both within and surrounding the body
  2. To understand the communication of the chakras — how they can create stuck, resistant patterns and applied ways to move beyond the old story to create trajectories for healing
  3. To aid participants in developing a tangible awareness of Center in their own life and in their healing work with others

Presented by: Dr. Fernand Poulin, Tammy LaDrew, LPC and Dr. Annmarie Early

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The Gift of Flight
to Feb 25

The Gift of Flight

The Gift of Flight is a fun-filled, two-day, experiential seminar that helps you tap into and express your innate human potential.  We give you foundations for moving your life forward, and the teachings and tools for developing an inspired, meaningful and prosperous life.

Presented by: Tammy LaDrew & Tim Mobley       Location: Frederick County, Virginia

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