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Sacred Passages:

A Year-Long Journey in Awakening Presence


Tuition Information:

Cost of Tuition: $4800.00

The learning environment and cost of the training includes:  



Individual Coaching Calls

 Conference Calls

Triad Calls

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Rituals and Ceremonies


Class Time:  Saturday & Sunday,  9:30 am-5:30 pm – Lecture and Hands on work

Weekly conference calls:  Deepening the conversations given by, Tammy and/or Assistants.

Class location: Private Residence in the Winchester/Middletown Virginia area


(Module 1 is Four Days – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday*)  

Sacred Passages: A Guided Journey Around The Medicine Circle of Cross-Cultural Teachings

Four-Day Intensive Overview of Sacred Passages • Building of a Cross-Cultural Medicine Wheel • Understanding Our Soul’s Cosmology, Archetypes, Physical and Psychological Structure, Meditation, Journeying, Movement, Shamanic Breathwork

MAY: Individual Coaching Call #1


MODULE 2:  June 23 – 24, 2018

The Center: The Heart, Presence and Awareness

Revealing our Authentic Presence • Opening to Intuition, Developing Spiritual Inner Sight and Sensing • Divine Contract • Practices for Heart Centered Living • The Human Energy Fields: The Circle, The Five Layers of Integration, Assessing the Fields • Heart Centered Active Listening – Meditation

 The Contrary: The Mind, The Story, and Acknowledgment

Psychological Orbiting of The Invented Story • Heart Centered Active Listening Into the Invented Story, The Human Energy Fields and The Chakra System as a Psycho-Energetic Holograph: Part A - The World of Symbols and Metaphors • Introduction to Integrative Energy Coaching (IEC) – Meditation

JULY: Individual Coaching Call #2


MODULE 3:  August 18 – 19, 2018

The Peace Chief: Acceptance and Agreements

Psychological Nucleus of The Invented Story • Heart Centered Active Listening into The Authentic Adult and Soulful Needs • The Human Energy Fields and The Chakra System as a Psycho-Energetic Holograph: Part B – The Distorted and Wounded Fields • Powerful Open-ended Inquiries - Meditation

 The Warrior: Creative and Supportive Actions Towards Authentic Adult and Soulful Needs

The Authentic Warrior • Designing Actions • Direct Communication • Tuning into Body Cues • Assessing the Human Energy Fields and the Chakras, Reports of Findings and their Explanation – Introduction to Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM) – Meditation

SEPTEMBER: Individual Coaching Call #3


MODULE 4:  October 13 – 14, 2018

The Historian: Appreciation and Recognition of Past Ancestral Patterns

Freeing the Soul from Past Wounds• History Recorded as Energetic Memory and Patterns • Assessing the Human Energy Fields and the Chakras, Reports of Findings and their Explanation, continued • Practices for Unwinding Historical Energetic Patterns – Meditation

The Women’s Lodge: Allowing the Flow Through Emotional Freedom

Unearthing Unexpressed Concerns and Unexpressed Soulful Intentions • Bringing Presence to Emotions • Allowing Full Emotional Expression • Understanding the Energetic Pain Body – Meditation

 NOVEMBER: Individual Coaching Call #4


MODULE 5:  December 8 – 9, 2018

The Designer: Awakening to New Possibilities

Awakening to a New Blueprint • Levels of listening • Planning and Goal Setting from the Center – Level One • Working with Backslide and the Resonance of Striving verses Thriving - Meditation

 The Hunter: Aligning through Powerful Questioning

Powerful Questioning • Becoming the Map and Compass • Applying the Combined Energetics of Focus, Intention and Attention, Support & Imagination • Clearing Obstacles • Managing Progress and Accountability – Level One

 JANUARY: Individual Coaching Call #5


MODULE 6:  February 9-10

The Messenger: Ascending - The Stance for our Heart

Creating and Living Our Stance • Heartistic Expression •  Loving What Is • Ethical Considerations

March: Individual Coaching Call #6