Sacred Passages Intensive

~ A Medicine Circle for Healing ~

With Tammy LaDrew, LPC

2018 Sacred Passages Intensive

April 5 – 8,  2018

Middletown, Virginia


Sacred Passages invites you to join us for a unique, in-depth exploration and experience founded on a traditional, cross-cultural tribal structure known as the Medicine Circle.

 The Medicine Wheel is a traditional tribal structure that has been utilized for thousands of years in healing ceremonies.  Its power and wisdom teachings emerge when a council of evolving souls sits in this spiritual container with humbled intentions, one of which is to remember why they are “here.”

  The wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, combined with a council of your peers, provides a spiritual container to hold sacred and mirror, human events experienced during various stages of life. From trauma to wonders, these Sacred Passages, woven together as a tapestry, give birth to our Soul’s purpose and our contribution

You will uncover in the:

  • EAST – the beliefs that our mind has structured for survival that keeps us in old patterns of behavior, UNTIL NOW!

  • SOUTH – how we have adapted these beliefs with physical actions and behaviors that defend against vulnerability, UNTIL NOW!

  • WEST – how these actions and behaviors are interlaced with various victimizing emotional states and wounds, UNTIL NOW!

  • NORTH – how this dynamism ultimately influences our Soul/Spirit disconnection, UNTIL NOW!

  • CENTER – with compassion, you choose to weave the remaining tapestry of your life form your "Soulful Calling," NOW!

    Through ceremonies, rituals, drumming, dancing, creativity and shamanic breathwork, this intensive introduces steps of transformation that help you embrace your compassionate, creative and intuitive heart. 

Location: Middletown, Virginia

Tuition: $600 – includes – teachings, manual, coaching, shamanic breath work, two conference calls, Saturday night dinner.
Early Bird Fee: $575. if paid before March 1, 2018