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A New Residential Retreat in In 2020!

Location: Boquete, Panama

Details To Be Announced Soon

Welcome to The Soul’s Compass!  We invite you to join us for this distinctive, experiential wayfinding program based on the structure and wisdom and living guidance of ancient and modern sacred circles.
The Soul’s Compass is a 5-day residential retreat that provides you with access to this living system of guidance.  Using applied wisdom, ritual, Awareness conversation and mindful movement it allows you to re-awaken and release the soul song you were born with.

When we learn to listen and then to express our soul’s song, we initiate living harmony where life becomes a conversation and communion with the larger world around us. From this position of the center and the circle—the seat of our soul—we develop a more vibrant and living relationship with all of life—a relationship that is soul-to-soul, rather than role-to-role.

This living guidance, which is often hidden in plain sight— within ancient words, scriptures, and symbols— are markers, wayfinders, that shift and expand our perception, granting us access to an innate wisdom that is available to every one of us. 

In this program you will explore the landscape of your inner life map and how to use the compass of the soul to create and navigate the outer maps of life.

During our time together, we will journey as council in a sacred circle, experiencing the power of positioning and how to use the wisdom of wayfinders to guide you into a more authentic life—a life of peace, presence, and passion. 

As we explore the Soul’s Compass, in each direction you will discover:

  • THE CENTER & CIRCLE (CIRCUMFERENCE) – the position and perspective from which to access the soul and navigate through life.

  • EAST – how to harness your focus and beliefs in a way that supports the full expression of your core essence.

  • SOUTH – the foundation for grounding and expressing the full expression of your core essence, your soul’s song, into the material world.

  • WEST – how to engage the flow of our pure emotions in support of our soul’s song.

  • NORTH – how to access the expansive freedom of Spirit that will guide you on the path forward.

 The Soul’s Compass includes active meditations, experiential journeying, embodied processing, mindful movement, dancing, creative expression and rituals.

This is a living program, and as such, the content is informed by each participant and the resonance of their soul’s song. If what you are seeking is authentic, living guidance to bring forth the fullness of your soulful expression, we invite you to join us in The Soul’s Compass!