The Way of Spirit:

Inviting the Sacred: A Two-Day Introduction and Exploration in

Awakening the Heart of Intuitive Wisdom

Participants will learn:     

  • How to develop and enrich their natural intuitive, energetic perception
  • How to develop deep listening for the heart of the soul’s longing
  • An overview of the human subtle energetic anatomy
  • How to invite and embrace spirit while living within a paradoxical universe
  • The art of living soul-to-soul in cultures based on role-to-role relationships
  • How to identify and work with personal energetic incongruences and disturbances
  • The practices and path of receivership, savorship and co-creation
  • Practices promoting mindfulness, mind-body connections and self-empowerment                                                                            

This workshop is designed for all those seeking to answer the call of their soul’s longing.  It is for those who seek to live the essence of their spirit and who desire to bring authentic presence to their daily work, vocation, family and community.

Date: April 25-26, 2015     Time: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, daily     Tuition: $225

Location:  The Old Post Office Building, 40 W. Piccadilly St., Winchester, VA     

For more information and or questions please  call: 540.333.2330