The Power of Intuition

Engaging the Wisdom Within

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

© Tammy LaDrew, 2019

© Tammy LaDrew, 2019

All human beings have an innate intuitive capacity. This two-day program introduces participants to the art and heart of intuitive development. Over time, this natural wisdom can be developed and cultivated, allowing people to enter soul-to-soul conversations with themselves and others. The gift of intuition is not a special skill set or talent that is bestowed upon a few individuals—we are born with it.

In this course participants will learn:

  • the foundational steps and tools for accessing, developing and applying their natural intuitive abilities.

  • how to fine tune their “Intuitive Instrument” and develop the capacity for deep listening.

  • how to access various sensory and extrasensory abilities and symbology.

  • the difference between receiving information and projecting assessments.

  • how to authentically and compassionately communicate symbolic information.

  • the steps for facilitating a basic, symbolic, intuitive reading.

  • engaging practices that promote mindfulness, wellness and mind-body connections.

Facilitated by: Tammy LaDrew, MA, Ed.S & Diar Kaussler, LLM

Dates: November 2-3, 2019    Time: 9 am to 5:30 pm

 Place: Explorer Hall, Camp Horizons, 3586 Horizons Way, Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Tuition: Tuition is $350

Early-bird rate of $299 applies if paid by September 30th, 2019

(Lunch and Coffee/Tea Service Included)

The Power of Intuition - Virginia Program
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**Please note, due to limited space, refunds are not available after October 2, 2019. There is a $25 administrative fee assessed applied to all refunds**