A Chakra Class

Taught in a Unique Way by Dr. Fernand Poulin

 What if the Chakra system that expresses our Soul’s seven human and spiritual rites of existence is also a shared system with the Divine?

 This series of Chakra classes will bring into awareness the reality that we are wired and meant to co-create with the Universal intelligence as partners with Divine consciousness.

In fact, we will from class to class, deepen the embodiment of that awareness and witness the profound inner shifts that each chakra brings to our life experiences.

 Each class is open to new comers.  All previous module material will be reviewed and blended with the new information.

 2015 Virginia Dates: 

o   August 6: From No-Thing to Something: The Circle

o   September 17: The Trinity: The Crown, Root and Heart Chakras

o   October 15: Illusionary Perspectives and What is – Solar Plexus Chakra

o   November 19: Projected Reality: The Third Eye and Pure Perception

 2016 Virginia Dates: 

o   January 7: Emotions and Passion: The Sacral Chakra

o   February 4: The Word and Co-Creating: The Throat Chakra

o   March 3: Embodied Divinity: Root Chakra

o   April 14: Partnership with the Divine: The Seven Chakras

Fee: $30 (cash only)           Time: 7 pm to 9 pm          Location: The Old Post Office building, 40 W. Piccadilly Street, Winchester, Virginia